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A simple and popular way to brighten your smile and boost your confidence!

There are several options when it comes to a brighter, whiter smile which can be a great way to give your smile a makeover. Getting your dentist’s advice on whether it is right for you could save you time and money.

Essentially there are two systems: ‘in chair’ and ‘at home’.

The ‘at home’ process is done in your own time and provides a gentle and gradual whitening of the teeth. Your DIY kit will include custom made bleaching trays, or splints, which provide even coverage of the whitening gel and minimise leakage. You will also receive tubes of a whitening agent and instruction on correct application.

A common side effect from the bleaching agents is temporary sensitivity, and the ‘at home’ system allows you to pace the treatment according to your comfort levels.

Replacement solution can be purchased as needed to keep your smile topped up!

Our dental hygienist will provide the ‘in chair’ service. For a dramatic improvement or rapid results, up to three ‘washes’ of the whitening agent is performed in one dental visit. Trays or splints are provided to take home for top ups similar to above.

A considerably stronger solution is used in this process, and sensitivity can be more marked.

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