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Root Canal Therapy

RCT can save a tooth when its nerve has died or is irreversibly inflamed.

The nerve can react in this way to decay that has breached the wall of the tooth, trauma, a stress fracture or occasionally a large filling.
Firstly, in a delicate procedure, the nerve is removed from within the tooth. The canals (roots) are thoroughly cleaned to remove bacteria, then shaped to receive a special filling material. Great care is taken with adequate anaesthesia and the procedure can be carried out comfortably and with a 90 – 95% success rate of saving the tooth.

During root canal therapy, tooth tissue is removed so a strong restoration is required. A laboratory-made crown is generally recommended for the long-term survival of the tooth. Other options may be discussed. Not all teeth are suitable for root canal therapy.
If the structure of the tooth is too complicated or compromised, we may refer to an Endodontic Specialist.

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