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Not ‘just’ a check-up . . .

Not ‘just’ a check-up . . .

Lots of people have a regular check-up with their dentist – often every 6 months. In fact, it is easy to become very casual about it but few of us realise the level of assessment going on.

In a routine examination, all the soft tissues of the mouth are checked including cheeks, glands, tongue, soft and hard palate and around the tonsils. The dentist is looking for any abnormalities in the tissues that may relate to health issues, and in some cases may prove malignant or pre-cancerous.

It is a great time to ask any questions you have about mouth ulcers, clicking jaw, or even face pain in the morning that may indicate grinding of teeth overnight.

Government campaigns have taught us how to monitor for breast and skin cancers, however there is no equivalent for oral tissues. As with any other cancer, early detection and treatment are key, and survival rates are high.

American journals consider that dentists and hygienists are better placed to assess the health of oral tissues than even a GP. If an area of concern is noted, it will immediately be brought to your attention. You will be referred to a local specialist for a second opinion.

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Regular check-ups are part of our responsibility to your overall general health.

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