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My wisdom teeth aren’t painful – why should they be removed?

Wisdom teeth often begin to move into position around age 17 to 25 – and it is normal for dentists to request an x-ray to determine their position within the bone of the jaw. When they sit fairly vertically beneath the gum, they could move nicely into place behind the second molars, so if they […]

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Tooth sensitivity and what to do about it

When just thinking about eating ice cream puts your teeth on edge, you already know about tooth sensitivity. But what causes it? And can you prevent it? The most common reason for sensitivity is a breakdown of the tooth’s normal protective mechanisms. Enamel, the hardest structure in the human body, normally protects the softer, sensitive […]

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A guide to choosing dental floss

What to look for in a dental floss If you find yourself in the supermarket aisle, gazing in confusion at the selection of dental floss, this guide is for you! Floss comes waxed or unwaxed, flavoured or unflavoured. It can be a ribbon ( or tape), string or woven! There’s even a vegan version which […]

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Thinking about a lip or tongue piercing?

Before putting your jewellery where your mouth is. . . Tattoos and piercings are increasingly popular and accepted forms of self-expression, and this includes piercings inside or near the mouth. The mouth is a unique environment Unlike many other piercings however, the mouth carries a greater risk of the site becoming infected. Inside the mouth […]

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The link between plaque, calculus and gum disease

Starting with plaque . . . Plaque is unavoidable. The normal bacteria in our mouths produce and live in the sticky clear film that coats our teeth from within a few hours after a visit to the dentist. These bacteria live on the debris from food and drinks – especially the sticky and sweet ones! […]

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