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Smoking – it’s not just bad breath and yellow teeth . . .

Don’t give up giving up Nicotine is highly addictive, but many of the side effects of smoking come from the chemicals and toxins in tobacco. Doctors warn about lung cancer, but cigar and cigarette smoking also increase the risk of cancers within the mouth. In addition, the effect of smoking on blood vessels which is […]

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Best care for your baby’s teeth

Caring for first teeth The very best care for a baby’s teeth is to start on a healthy diet. Sugar is the main thing to keep in mind here. Liquids taken from a bottle are in contact with the teeth for longer than when drinking from a cup. Therefore, bottles should only ever contain milk or water. […]

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What makes foods acidic and can I still eat them?

The action of acids on tooth enamel causes erosion of tooth enamel over time, and leads to dental cavities. Some of these acids are produced by normal bacteria in the mouth as they digest left-over sugars from food and drink. And other acids are delivered directly in the foods and drinks we choose. The pH […]

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What’s so bad about sticky foods and sweets?

Sticky means sugary! Sticky foods generally have a high sugar content – their sugar gives them their stickiness! And snacking on them or eating them regularly increases the risk of tooth decay. Here’s why . . . Why ‘sticky’ is a bigger problem for teeth . . . Diet choices are as important for dental health as general […]

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Tooth decay develops if plaque is not removed . . .

Plaque needs to be cleaned away . . . When not properly and regularly removed, plaque leads to tooth decay. Bacterial activity within plaque produces acids which gradually erode the tooth’s enamel. The first stage of decay:  The first stage is typically pain-free. Tiny caries (areas of decay) are soft and tacky and difficult to […]

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Staining: why don’t teeth stay white?

Why do some foods stain teeth? Habits, such as smoking as well as the foods and drinks we choose play a role in staining teeth. Sometimes certain antibiotics or other medications can cause tooth yellowing. Understanding which foods and beverages are more likely to discolour teeth and knowing a few preventive tips can help. Which […]

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What to consider before tooth whitening

Things you should know about teeth whitening Teeth whitening, a comparatively non-invasive cosmetic procedure is extremely popular and becoming increasingly available. From the information in many promotional advertisements, it would be reasonable to assume that all whitening products guarantee a Hollywood smile for everyone. And this simply is not the case. Which stains? Tooth whitening […]

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Caring for your mouth after a tooth extraction . . .

Special care following removal of a tooth The formation of a good clot is the key to trouble-free healing after tooth extraction. Anywhere else on the body, a clot dries to a scab which is essential to the repair and healing of tissues underneath. Immediate first aid Apply compression by biting down on a gauze [...] Read More

When a tooth is knocked out . . .

First aid for lost tooth: Perhaps there’s been a knock or collision during sport or a different accident, and a tooth has come right out. Knowing the correct emergency first aid can make the difference between saving or losing this tooth. Before you get to the dentist Firstly: Time is critical after a tooth is […]

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