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Effective tooth brushing: what you need to know

It's important to brush effectively: The purpose of tooth brushing is the effective removal of plaque – a clear film that is easy to shift with good technique. Removing plaque is the best way to protect teeth from decay, so it makes sense to do it well. Firstly, the brush is important: A soft bristled [...] Read More

Caring for your mouth after a tooth extraction . . .

Special care following removal of a tooth The formation of a good clot is the key to trouble-free healing after tooth extraction. Anywhere else on the body, a clot dries to a scab which is essential to the repair and healing of tissues underneath. Immediate first aid Apply compression by biting down on a gauze [...] Read More

Not ‘just’ a check-up . . .

Lots of people have regular check-ups with their dentist – often every 6 months. In fact, it is easy to become very casual about it but few of us realise the level of assessment going on.

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Dental cover, an extra with Private Health Insurance

Dentistry and services such as Optometry, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic, are included under any ‘extras’ cover you choose in addition to insurance for hospital cover.

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Plaque: what it is and how to remove it

During a visit with the hygienist, tips and advice will be given to improve oral hygiene which can markedly reduce the development of tartar.

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When a tooth is knocked out . . .

First aid for lost tooth: Perhaps there’s been a knock or collision during sport or a different accident, and a tooth has come right out. Knowing the correct emergency first aid can make the difference between saving or losing this tooth. Before you get to the dentist Firstly: Time is critical after a tooth is […]

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