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Understanding when RCT, or root canal therapy can help

Why you may need root canal therapy Tooth ache is the stuff of nightmares! In many cases, people would happily be rid of the tooth completely. Take it out, now! Once the dentist has assessed the tooth, however, they may introduce the topic of root canal therapy, or RCT. A way to save the tooth […]

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What to do for dental pain before your dental appointment?

Dental pain is the stuff of horror movies Scary dentists and acute tooth ache feature in many movies as part of the entertainment! Surely this comes from the widely held fear and unpleasant memories of dental pain? Dental pain can come on suddenly from a cracked tooth or trauma. Or may come and go over […]

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Tips for choosing a Health Insurance fund

How health funds work Health insurance funds are not all the same. Some cover a wider range of treatments and procedures than others. And for any particular treatment, the rebate (what the fund will pay) can vary widely between funds or levels of cover with the same fund. Any Gap payment or out-of-pocket expense is […]

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What can I do about bad breath?

Bad breath causes so much embarrassment and anxiety, there are countless products to combat it: flosses, washes, gums and tongue scrapers! OMG! Why do I have bad breath? Finding the cause of the problem is key – prior to buying up big at the pharmacy. The majority of bad breath is caused by factors within […]

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Where to get calcium if you’re ‘dairy-free’

Other sources of dietary calcium Dairy products provide calcium which, as we learn from childhood, is essential for strong bones and teeth. But even if you are cutting back or cutting dairy from your diet, there are a variety of other foods providing sufficient amounts for bone and dental health. Vegetables & leafy greens Eating […]

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COVID Level 1 & Dentistry

Dentists are following the easing of restrictions for preventing the spread of COVID19 by moving to Level 1 precautions. Level 1 in dentistry In a nutshell, so long as you are well, have no cold or flu-like symptoms and have not been in close contact with anyone who is unwell, then dental treatments can go […]

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Lifting COVID restrictions: what does it mean for dentistry?

From Monday the 27th April, the Australian Government has agreed to ease restrictions for elective surgery, including some dental procedures. COVID19 Level 2 restrictions at the dentist In dentistry, social distancing cannot be observed, and non-essential procedures will still be postponed. However, there is more scope now for treatment options to remedy small problems or […]

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Dental treatment during coronavirus shut down

Dentistry and COVID-19 The Australian Dental Association, our professional body has set guidelines to reduce transmission of the coronavirus. As a clinic, we are following the recommendations. As health professionals in an evolving scientific environment, we are striving above all else, to not make things worse. Urgent dental problems and coronavirus Level 3 restrictions allow […]

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My wisdom teeth aren’t painful – why should they be removed?

Wisdom teeth often begin to move into position around age 17 to 25 – and it is normal for dentists to request an x-ray to determine their position within the bone of the jaw. When they sit fairly vertically beneath the gum, they could move nicely into place behind the second molars, so if they […]

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