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New season? – get a new mouthguard!

Time for a new mouthguard? A new season is here! Time for membership and insurance, new uniforms, replace outgrown shoes . . . and, yes, a new mouthguard. Mouthguards: what are the options? Cheap off-the-shelf mouth guards offer little in the way of protection in the event of a knock to the face. This is […]

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Tooth decay develops in distinct stages

What causes erosion of dental enamel? Tooth decay is caused by the action of normal oral bacteria. Plaque is a clear, naturally occurring film produced by the resident bacteria in our mouths. Plaque coats out teeth, and particles of our food stick to it in turn becoming food for the bacteria. The bacteria release acids […]

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Tooth brushing – how to do it well!

What are we really doing when we brush our teeth? Plaque is a clear film that collects on the teeth due to the action of bacteria in the mouth. More plaque builds up when these bacteria feed on the residue from our meals. Tooth brushing, when done well, easily removes plaque and helps prevent tooth […]

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‘smile.com.au’ partner for great value at every dental visit

Here’s something to smile about… Bli Bli Smiles is a new smile.com.au partner smile.com.au is re-inventing dental cover and is on a mission to make quality dental care more accessible forAustralia. Dental insurance with a difference For under $100 a year for a single, couple or family, smile.com.au dental cover will save you aguaranteed minimum […]

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3D printing & digital dentistry

3D printers produce single crowns, bridges or full arches with tolerances of 50 micrometres. Already in use in laboratories, digital dentistry will evolve and become more available. Multi-practice corporations are expected to show interest in controlling their production costs. 3D printers and digital dentistry promise greater accuracy and efficiency current systems found around Australia. (These […]

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Tooth staining – how and why, and what you could do to help

Why don’t teeth stay white? Foods and drinks we choose, and factors such as smoking, play a role in staining our teeth. Sometimes certain antibiotics or other medications can cause some tooth yellowing. Generally, understanding which foods and beverages are more likely to discolour teeth and knowing preventive tips can help. About foods and tooth […]

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Understanding when RCT, or root canal therapy can help

Why you may need root canal therapy Tooth ache is the stuff of nightmares! In many cases, people would happily be rid of the tooth completely. Take it out, now! Once the dentist has assessed the tooth, however, they may introduce the topic of root canal therapy, or RCT. A way to save the tooth […]

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What to do for dental pain before your dental appointment?

Dental pain is the stuff of horror movies Scary dentists and acute tooth ache feature in many movies as part of the entertainment! Surely this comes from the widely held fear and unpleasant memories of dental pain? Dental pain can come on suddenly from a cracked tooth or trauma. Or may come and go over […]

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